• Responsive Web Design.

    A good looking website is only the beginning. Get Modern. Give visitors an enjoyable experience.

  • Present-Day Graphic Design.

    Modern design that creates a connection between your company and the lifestyle of your customers.

  • Brand Identity.

    First impressions count! Create an impact with a brand new identity or re-vamp an old one.

  • Social Media Marketing.

    Strategy, Design and Management. How well are you using it?

Create A Connection, Not Just A Sell

Build your future on the framework of unique, creative design. Create a connection between your company and the lifestyle of your customers allowing your advertising to reach its full potential.


Advance your company's image with our conceptual thinking strategies.


Your project stays on time and on budget in the hands of our project managers.


Quality service levels in both website/print design and customer service at an affordable cost allowable to us by low overhead.

why choose Jer-Vic, Inc.?

To help maximize our clients value of their advertising, we work closely with them on meeting budget requirements and achieving the highest quality work to achieve their goal at a cost they can manage.

Work directly with your designer

Speak directly with your designer and/or account rep and not a phone representative when you call. Have access to your designer even when they are out of the office. Need something updated ASAP, no problem!

We take care of all these issues

Ask yourself the following questions, and if you aren't happy with your answers, we need to talk.

  • Is your website not generating leads?
  • Can your website use a makeover?
  • Is social media scary and overwhelming to you?
  • Is a positive message portrayed to your customers through your logo?