About Us

chooseusMaximizing our clients value of their advertising.

Located in Beaver Falls, PA, Jer-Vic, Inc. is committed to establishing lasting relationships with our clients. The creation of well-branded messages allows us to differentiate you from your competitors when competing in a complex multi-method advertising environment. We build you a strong brand identity that associates you with the main service you provide.

It is our job to listen to and inform our clients, both new and recurring, so that they can become brand geniuses for their companies. To help maximize our clients value of their advertising, we work closely with them on meeting budget requirements and achieving the highest quality work to achieve their goal at a cost they can manage.

CHIRP Process (Exclusively at Jer-Vic, Inc.)

Clever, Clear Message – Connect with your audience through one main, consistent, clear thought developed in the braistorming process.

Hatch – Break out of your shell and allow us to fabricate a peerless campaign that will remain in the minds of your customers and shared through their everyday conversation.

Integrate – Connect your marketing materials to allow cohesion between your online presence and your print presence. Attack the market with one clear, clever advertising / branding campaign.

Reflect – Test market the new campaign with inter company associates to establish what reactions are brought to the nest. If your own employees don’t thinks it clever, your target audience may not either.

Publicize – Launch your campaign, website, etc. Take a skip out of the nest and fly high with your new creative conceptual branding campaign.

Why Choose Us

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    No answering service.  No run around.

    When you call our office you will speak directly with the designer and manager of your marketing materials.  If you are not able to reach us at the office, you will be able to reach us on the go via cell phone.  No answering service.  No long on hold waits.

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    We keep it simple.

    At Jer-Vic, Inc., it does not cost you a fortune to get a great design whether it is in print or online.  We understand the budget limits of a small business and will work within that budget to give you a professional, creative, and unique product.

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    We understand the needs of a small business.

    We understand that you have better things to do than educate yourself on social media, online marketing, and websites.  We take that burden out of your hands and create a dynamic presence for your business in print, on the web, and in the social media world.

The Most Creative Ideas

Jer-Vic, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality design services and solutions within budget and under tightest deadlines. Our goal is to help our clients efficiently communicate and optimize their business process with visual design and technology solutions. Vital aspects of our work include unique creative approach, innovative and user-friendly design, and personal attention. At Jer-Vic, Inc. we work hard to build strong, lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with timely expert services and becoming part of their marketing team. We enable organizations to reach and surpass their marketing and business objectives. We invite you to learn more about our creative design services and web solutions by viewing our online portfolio.